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Build your wellness!

Caring For You

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Workshops aim to foster self-compassion and self-care by guiding participants in evaluating their own well-being and establishing goals and frameworks for enhancing their personal wellness practices. Recognizing our individuality, these workshops encourage well-being in a manner and schedule that suits each participant best. Here are some suggestions to help you begin:

Taste of Wellness

This initial session serves as an excellent starting point. Discover the significance of self-care, evaluate your personal wellness, and gain insights on setting wellness objectives to kickstart your journey towards well-being.


Building Your Best Self 

This online course spans five weeks and encompasses all the material covered in Taste of Wellness, along with additional content focused on developing a comprehensive wellness regimen!

Creating Community Monthly Meetups

Enroll in our monthly Creating Community meetups or opt for the Connections plan to access a variety of options for staying connected with a community of individuals dedicated to their own self-care journeys!


It has been a privilege to conduct workshops both in-person and remotely for school districts and professional associations in British Columbia and Ontario. Please email to explore how we can support your organization.

***It's important that all services offered are accessible to everyone. Please email to arrange an alternate donation amount if the fee structure does not work for you.


Life is challenging for sure! Many of us learned to cope with life in prescribed ways. I learned at a very early age that, if I could do something, I should! Later, I was so good at doing so much that it became important for me to be efficient in my doing! Take care of it and move on quickly! I find it easier to focus on helping others and often get to learning / growing / saving myself at the eleventh hour. 


I am a mom and a teacher. While I have spent over 20 years teaching others, I have also learned so much from my students. My own children are among my biggest teachers. The most important lesson that I learned through my ‘eleventh hour experiences’ is that I really need to practice self-care. It literally saved me and I have watched it help others regardless of their life circumstance. This is not a quick fix. There is no magic pill or one size fits all strategy. Self-care evolves at the pace it needs to which is different for each person of course. It is one of the most important journeys I have experienced. 


As a result of my wellness practice work, I have seen improvements in many aspects of my life ranging from emotional to financial and many areas in between. Join us to learn how you can offer yourself the essential gift of self-care.

Lisa Barreca, MEd


Creating Community Meetups 

“A terrific way to keep on track or get back on track with taking care of yourself. I love the ideas shared during the meetups and the genuineness and honesty of the people within this motivational session!”


“Having a monthly meetup has been so supportive of my self-care journey. It helps me to stay focused, ensuring I continue to be mindful of how important it is to take care of myself.  Spending an hour a month with other people who are also on this journey has been so helpful and supportive. Especially since it’s virtual it’s easy for me to attend.“


"It helps to know what you have to work on to feel happy and healthy"

"The colouring feels calm."

"I like to think of my wellness every day, even if I don't talk about it."

Professional Workshops

“It's so important to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others!” 

“Lisa is a wonderful speaker and the information flowed easily from her. It made me think where I don’t usually reflect.”


“The most useful part of the workshop for me was acknowledging that we all need to reflect on wellness and intention. This is a journey…life!”

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