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A Walk In the Park

The other day, I was enjoying my early morning walk in the park. Everything smelled so fresh! Birds singing in the trees and the water flowing in the stream below was all that could be heard at this time of day. I took a moment to savor it and am glad. My day got busy very quickly after that and, throughout the day, I actually found myself thinking back to my morning peace in the park! It happened accidentally the first time; so, I challenged myself to try to stop and remember the peace one or two more times that day when things got busy again. Was I able to do it? Not on command. (I felt too busy to even remember to issue the command.) When my brain needed to go there, it did naturally...because I had that morning experience to reflect back on. All I had to do was let my mind take a brief moment to rest. Sometimes it’s the action that facilitates rejuvenation and other times it's reflection.

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