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Exhausting Excitement

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Have you ever felt so excited and so exhausted at the same time? Getting ready to host visitors or go on a vacation can feel that way for me. As a mom, I often feel like I have to make sure everything goes well for everyone. This includes tickets / reservations, activity selection & scheduling, meal planning & groceries, budgeting, cooking, and any “concerns” that may arise in the process. Not sounding like vacation or rejuvenation yet? With vacation time upon us, I thought I would “schedule” some down days for myself before the excitement begins. Before each visit or trip, I plan to take at least one day to do just what I want to do. I’m also going to see if I can schedule some shorter, quiet times each day or fit in one of those naps I was hoping to take more of this month. I thought it might be restorative / preventative in some way.

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