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Not Always Feeling the Self-Care!

So, right after I sent off my blog last week, a crazy sequence of events occurred. Here I was enjoying my summer of self-care, savoring my drama-free vacations and visits, starting my days with beach walks…when it happened! Reality hit with its usual unexpected and sudden shifts. I had planned a morning pedicure with a friend (already unusual for me!); but, instead, awoke to my daughter (who rarely gets sick or books time off work) calling in sick and needing to go to the walk-in clinic. I figured out a way to take her to the clinic and still meet my friend. Unfortunately, my friend then texted to say she needed to push our time back by an hour which I couldn’t accommodate because I needed to get my family some groceries and that was the only time to do it with all the other things I had on that day. I skipped my morning walk and we headed off to the walk-in clinic. Another surprise arose: apparently “walk-in clinic” is not really a thing anymore. When we arrived at the clinic, the door was locked and a sign said we needed to call to make an appointment. So, I did that and we waited in the parking lot for a bit to see if they would call back. I couldn’t wait long though because my daughter refused to turn her “totally road safe” car off because she was afraid it wouldn’t start again (sigh!)…so, we dropped her car home and headed off to a 2nd “walk-in” clinic in my car.

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